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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Story of Sigi

Long time ago, the central of Sigi Kingdom was located somewhere at Nokilalaki Mountain called Koroue. It was said that the King of Sigi was a woman derived from a Tavavako's leaf.
It was said that a long time ago, every group of community has a leader called Tomaoge. At that time, there were many conflicts and wars, so that a leader namely Tondari begged the God to be sent a king to them to overcome the situation.
One day, Tondari found a Tavavako's leaf which shout, "I am here,". The leaf than taken by Tondari to his home. Suddenly, from the leaf appear a beautiful girl namely Bunga Manila or Tavatea. Tondari than married with that girl. From the marriage, it was born a daughter named Banjambu. Banjambu than maried to Tomaoge Vonggo named Tovojagu. They have 7 (seven) children, six son and one daughter. One if their son became a king in Sausu; the other son became a king in Kaleburu (Banawa), the other in Tuva near Bora, the other one in Dolo and the last one in Ganti. The daughter has no children and it is believed her grave located in Tuva nowdays.

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